Kiehl's Skin Care Product Favorites and Reviews

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday season. I got to spend a lot of time connecting with family, friends and Jesus, which is really all that I wanted (besides make up ;] ). Anyhow, I've been using a great deal of Kiehl's products, and here are some reviews on the products that I have really enjoyed using so far.

The midnight recovery concentrate:

You only need a few drops to cover your whole face with it. It contains a bunch of essential oils that make your skin look really beautiful. I know, I'm only 20 years old, but I just want to be able to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging. This is definitely not something you MUST have, especially when you're as young as I am, but from all my uses of this product, I have not been disappointed. Your face will literally glow in the morning, and it is super hydrating. If you are afraid to shell out the whole $46 for a 1 fl oz bottle of this product, then I would recommend getting a sample of it and trying it out.

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve:

I love this product because it is SOOOOOO hydrating, yet at the same time, it's quick drying. I generally layer this on at night before I sleep, but you could definitely apply it through out the day. Kiehl's recommends that you actually apply it after each time you wash your hands. This product is great, especially for the winter time, to keep your hands moisturized and hydrated. This product costs $22 for 5 fl oz., which I think is a pretty good deal considering the size of it. The only issue I have with the product is that it has a weird smell to it. It's not exactly bad, but I don't love it either.

Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream:

Again, I know with the youth regenerating. Using this kind of products is just a preference for me. I am not trying to say that anyone in their twenties NEEDS to use youth regenerating products, I am just simply giving a review on a product I really enjoy using. Now, I think this cream is really great. It's extremely moisturizing, and it has so far not given me any troubles relating to acne break outs. To use this product, you need to warm it up a bit by rubbing the product with your fingers, then it'll spread really easily on your face. If you are looking for a really hydrating cream, but are not interested in anti-aging or youth-regenerating products, you can also try their Ultra Facial Moisturizer. It's cheaper, and it works really well! I actually like using the Ultra Facial Moisturizer as my day cream and the Rosa Arctica as my night cream.

Overall, I think Kiehl's is a great store. I think they have a lot of amazing products to offer. Just be sure to try out a bunch of their products, as you would with any other skin care product, to make sure that you like it and the product doesn't give you any problems. I feel that Kiehl's skin care products are a worth while investment, and I will definitely continue to use their products until I find a different brand I like more.

Love always, J

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