Anastasia Kisses On My List Volume 2 Hydrafull Gloss Set Swatches and Reviews!

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to be doing a review on the Anastasia Kisses On My List Volume 2 Hydrafull Gloss Set.

Firstly, here are some swatches of the beautiful colors!

                               Left to right: Lola, Maggie May, Jolene, Moi, Roxanne, Sharona

The first swatch is Lola, which is a shimmery bright pink color. I think it would look pretty on top of pink lipstick or since it's pretty pigmented, you could just wear it on its own. Just be careful when you're applying it. Maybe it's just me, but I usually prefer a face not covered with glitter.

The second swatch is Maggie May. This is a really light pink/almost nude matte color. It's not very pigmented, so you could easily layer this on top of lip stick.

The third swatch is Jolene. This is a color that is a bit lighter than Lola, but not by too much. I think the main difference is that the specks of glitter/shimmer is much smaller in Jolene than it is in Lola. This is probably better for when you want to have a more subtle but still kind of shimmery lip. This, like Lola, is quite pigmented, so it could also easily be worn on its own.

The fourth swatch is Moi. This is another matte color in the set. It's a dark, almost berry-ish pink. I think it's really pretty, and it's probably my favorite in the whole set. I would definitely wear this over lipstick to just give my lips that extra shine without any glitter or shimmer.

The fifth swatch is Roxanne. This is a hotter pink than Jolene but it has the same shimmer that Jolene has. It's extremely pigmented, so I'd go with a light hand while applying it.

The last swatch is Sharona. This is probably the lightest in color and pigmentation of them all. It's very, very shimmery, like Lola. You can easily wear this over any lipstick color because it's quite sheer.

All in all, I really like the colors of these lip glosses. I was just looking for a set of pink lip glosses. These glosses aren't that sticky or gunky. I know, I totally hate it when my head moves a little and then suddenly I have a mouth full of hair because my hair gor caught in my lip gloss. You definitely are going to feel like you're wearing lip gloss, but that's really a characteristic of all lip glosses. However, my only issue is with the applicator of the lip gloss. It's not a sponge; rather, it's a rubber spatula-type applicator, which I'm sure if I knew how to use it properly would be great. However, I am in college, and I work in a lab. I just don't have time to sort out such nonsense, so I just use a lip brush to apply the gloss, and it's works just fine!'s not really even a lip brush. It's ELF's concealer brush, but before you guys start to judge, this brush is teeny tiny, definitely meant to be a lip brush...maybe...

Anastasia lip gloss applicator                                           ELF concealer (lip) brush

If you guys are interested in buying these lip glosses, you can get them from here:

You can probably also check out, but I haven't really explored that website as much as If you guys are especially motivated and adventurous, you could also just go to the actual  Sephora store and buy it. Haha, sorry guys, I shop online at school so much that I often forget that people can just go to the mall and buy something.

Until next time lovelys,
xx jules

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