Colourpop Lip Pencil in Lumiere | Mac Soar Dupe

Hey guys! Today I have a very affordable dupe for the Kylie Jenner Lip Pencil Favorite 'Mac Soar'. If you are interested, please keep reading.

The dupe is the Colourpop lippie pencil in Lumiere. This pencil is a dupe in both texture and color. It is matte, creamy and that nudey-pinkish-mauve color. Because it is matte, it is a little drying, but so are the MAC lip liners. And the best part is only $5!! That means, even with tax and shipping, it is still half the cost of the MAC lip liner ($16).

It also has a matching lipstick (called a Lippie Stix) in Lumiere (also $5). Now first, while I do not own Mac's Soar, I have swatched it in the store on numerous occasions and I am 100% confident in saying that Lumiere is a spot on dupe. The swatch of Soar (shown below) was taken (and credited) from another blog - because that person has a different skin tone than me, it looks a little lighter, but it really isn't. I have also swatched Mac's Whirl, which is another Kylie Jenner lip pencil, just to show the difference between the two shades. Sorry my hands are a bit dry, but the pencils do apply very smoothly.

Left to Right: Mac's Whirl, Colourpop's Lumiere Lippie Pencil, Colourpop's Lumiere Lippie Stix
MAC Soar Swatch (Source)

Now because the lip liner is completely matte, it can be used to over line the lips like Kylie Jenner loves to do. Because my lips are fuller I do not need to overfill them as much as her, but below I have shown my lips lined, filled, and slightly overdrawn with Lumiere. I know it looks a little pinker in the image and that is just because of the lighting. As you can see, they do look overdrawn, but not in a clownish way (that is because the pencil is very creamy and very matte).

Let me know what you guys think about this trend, and about the pencil in general.

<3. B

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