Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys! Today I thought that I would share my Christmas Wishlist!
From left to right

Top row
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer. I'm still struggling to find a good under eye concealer that lasts all day and gives really good coverage. It probably shows how bad my under eyes are that the NARS creamy concealer is not even working that well. It retails for $19USD.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette. Now I know that I don't need more eyeshadows. Even Temptalia's review says that people who have the Nakeds or any other neutral eye palette do not need this. Yet why do I want it so badly? It has just nice dark colors, which I like, because some of the lighter "all over lid shades" that other people use are too light for me. This palette has my perfect shades. It retails for $49USD (WHICH IS SO FRUSTRATINGLY HIGH!)

Urban Outfitters Cardigan. I love oversized, slouchy sweaters. I have so many pull over ones that I would really like a cardigan version. It may be because of the old woman in me, but this cardigan looks so comfy! However, it retails at $69USD.

Middle row
Urban Decay Perversion. I have been looking for a good waterline eyeliner that won't transfer or smudge and I have heard great reviews from Julie and others. I recently bought the Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon in Black and it was horrible. It was not very pigmented and it smudged off to create very nice raccon eyes. It retails for $19USD. I may exchange the Marc Jacobs for this one! :)

Bottom Row
MAC Quite Natural Paint Pot. I think this would be a perfect quick all over cream shadow for medium tan skin tones.  I have the paint pot in painterly, which is nice and creamy, but I only wear it as a base; if i wore it as an eyeshadow, it would just be ridiculously light and weird. It is $20USD, but I have about that in store credit, so I may be taking this off the wishlist very soon.

American Eagle Jeans. I got a pair of these over the summer I believe and I could not be more in love. These jeans are so comfortable and I love that they are different than ordinary blue jeans. I would recommend them to anyone looking for jeans. They do say straight jeans, but they are pretty skinny. They just are not as tight around the ankle. It retails for $44.95USD but is on sale for $29.99USD. (They have this sale a lot and I would wait until they do another 40% off sale because that is how I did it last time). :)

Bioderma. Now I have a backup bottle of this, but more won't hurt. This is my favorite makeup remover. It both removes makeup well and feels so nice on the skin. Now this is not the perfect makeup remover - especially with waterproof mascara. But it is comparable to all other removers that I have tried. It retails for about $33USD, however that is for 500mL. That is actually a great price if you think about the quantity. For example, the Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover costs about $6 for 112 mL, so for the same amount, it is about $30.

Keurig Coffee Maker. Now this is just a girl dreaming, but I love the Keurigs. Julie brought one to our apartment and I love it. It retails for about $109USD, but is on sale now for $99USD at places like Target and Walmart.

Let me know in the comments below what your wishlist is. Maybe I will use it to create a giveaway :)

<3 B.

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