Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner

The Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner

Hey all! I haven't been posting recently, but I really wanted to get the word out about this eyeliner! It has a twist mechanism, and you can definitely retract it back into the plastic casing. It applies pretty smoothly. At first you might need to warm it up by drawing a little on your hand, but then almost every use after that is fine. I use it for my top and bottom water lines. It can definitely be used to draw on the upper lash line. It doesn't smudge AT ALL. I can leave this on all day long, and it will hardly move from my water line. I like this better than the NARS, MAC, and NYX eyeliners. The NARS for some reason when I bought it was very stiff. The pencil wouldn't draw on my water line, and it was tugging very hard at my eye, so I returned it. The MAC pencil smudges a lot when I tried using it. The NYX eyeliner doesn't smudge a whole lot, but it gave me an allergic reaction. If I haven't mentioned before, then I'll let you know now. I have extremely sensitive skin. I has taken me so many tries to find foundation, moisturizers and different sorts of make up because my skin will just react to it all. Anyhow, this eyeliner is retailed for about 7 dollars at target. I would really recommend trying it, especially because you can always return it if it doesn't work for you. By the way...who is absolutely hating this cold weather up in New England :(?



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