An Affordable MAC Foundation?! MAC's Face and Body Review

Mac's Face and Body Foundation Review

When most people hear MAC, their first instinct is EXPENSIVE.  However, the foundation is both "affordable" and high quality.  First let me talk about the quality of the foundation.  It is a light coverage foundation, but is very buildable.  What I have noticed is that the more you buff it is, the fuller the coverage appears (to an extent of course).  I have been able to get up to a medium coverage with buffing and a single, heavy layer.  It covers redness, acne, freckles and I presume dark spots.  However, I do not think there is anyway to make it into a heavy coverage foundation.  It is a water-based, so it may separate.  Just shake it before using it.  Note that the shading for it is not the same as other MAC foundations.  The numbering is a bit funny, so definitely talk to a MAC artist or swatch the product before buying it.  It is applied best with a stippling brush.

Now lemme get to the value portion.  I'll choose a light coverage drugstore foundation, the Revlon Nearly Naked.  At Ulta it retails at $9.99, or $10.  The volume given is 1.0 fl.oz.  Now the MAC face and body is $33 for the 4.0 fl. oz bottle.  To get the same amount of foundation from Revlon, you'd need 4 bottles, which would cost about $40.  In the short run, drugstore foundations will be cheaper, but if you are willing to splurge, this foundation is serious bang for your buck! I have also heard this is the foundation makeup artists swear by so definitely pick up a sample (Just got to a MAC store or counter and ask for a color match and sample)!

If a lightweight, mild coverage foundation is what you are looking for, definitely check it out! Let me know what you guys think of this foundation, or if you plan on trying it out!

♡ B.

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