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Hey guys so today I am going to do a followup to my video (posted above) about the ZZZQuil Scented Sleep-Aid. If you are interested in knowing my long-term results, then keep on reading!

I was lucky enough to get sent the ZZZQuil scented sleep aid* from Influenster this month. I posted a demo video a week ago. I have used the product for about a week, and I got to say, I really like it. Now it is pricey ($16.99 for the plug-in+4 refill pads; $9.99 for a 12-pack of refill pads). However, I think it really does work. I do not think there is actual medication or anything like that in it; it is just a lavender and chamomile scented plug-in. I found it to be incredibly soothing and the plug-in had a decent range. I plugged it in about 2-3 feet from my bed and the scent did reach me, but only when I was facing the plug-in. When my back was to it, I did not smell it. I also will say that the pads lasted longer than the box suggested. My only negatives are the price and that the plug-in does not have an off switch, so I had to unplug it every morning, otherwise the pad will just go wasted.

Overall, YES I recommend this product. Let me know what you guys think and if you have tried it as well.

<3 B.

(*FTC: I did receive this product free from Influenster. However, all opinions are my own; I was not paid for my review).

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