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Sorry it has been so long but today I am going to do a review on some of the Whitening Lightening/Gerard Cosmetics products. If you are interested (I did not receive these for free and have no affiliation with the company haha) keep on reading!

Now I did buy all of these in a kit for $89, which is a lot cheaper than getting these all individually. These bundles are featured on their site, are always on Hautelook when the company is featured and many beauty bloggers/vloggers are affiliated and have discount codes (the ones that I know are YTers Casey Holmes and Jaclyn Hill).

I'm going to review each product individually.

1. Dial a Smile Kit: This product comes with the contents for three uses. The pictures I have shown is the empty pakaging because I used the entirety of this product before this reivew. After doing the 3 applications, I barely noticed any shade differences. They claim that one use brightens your smile by 3 shades (they give a wheel so you can compare). Overall, I would pass this for the Crest WhiteStrips which actually do work and cost less (than the individual kit).

2 & 3. Super Booster & Zero White Whitening Pen: You wear these overnight and honestly, they do something more than the kit, but nothing tremendous. If you're teeth are already the shade you want it, this would be good for maintenance. However, because the kit did not do anything for me, these pens hardly did anything.

4. Color your Smile glosses: These glosses are very hyped on YT; they claim the glosses will make your teeth look whiter. However, at least the two shades that I got, made my teeth look even more yellow than my teeth normally were. Using the Smile-Kit-Wheel as a reference, if I was a 6/7 before, I became a 9/10 after. I did not just try the gloss once btw. I tried it overtop products that I knew made my teeth look whiter, looked at my teeth in natural light, artificial light, fluorescent light, etc. They are also a sticky formula, but depending on your preferences, it may not be a problem. I just do not think that these two are worth the hype. If anything, just try different shades (a lot of people buzz about the shade Nude).

Left: Pouty Princess Right: Rose Hill

Overall, I highly DO NOT recommend any of these products. I would say try it because they do have a 30 day money back guarantee, but their costumer service is awful! I did end up returning my entire kit (or what was left of it) but it was such a struggle. The reason why it is a struggle is because they keep insisting that you need to return everything, and I would say, oh except for the product that I used, and they kept saying the Dial a Smile Kit needs to be returned in their entirety. That makes no sense because why would you return it unused? How would you know if you wanted to keep it? It is 30 days from the day that the product arrives to your house (so keep that in mind). 

I hope that helped - I know a lot of people rave, but I think that the people who are affiliated with the brand get the products for free, so for $89, this is just not worth it.

Let me know what you guys thought!
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