Benefit BrowZings Review

Hey Guys, I'm going to do a review on the Benefit BrowZings in Medium.

The Product:
The product comes with a darker wax, on the left, and a lighter powder, on the right. It also comes with an small angled brush, small flattop brush and a small pair of tweezers. It also has a mirror.

The Pros: 
❤ The powder and wax both have a good pigmentation that can be applied and built up.
❤ It creates a nicely natural brow.
❤ Lasts a long time on the brows, without fading.

The Cons: 
❤ The given brushes are hard to use because the handles are so small. I use the Anastasia Brow Brush (shown). It has an angled side and a spoolie.
❤ The product costs $30, which is steep, especially when NYX and ELF have similar products for much cheaper.
❤ The powder has a reddish tint, that may not work on all skin tones. 
❤ Only comes in 3 color options.

How to Apply: 
1) Brush through the brows with a spoolie or brow brush. 
2) Using an angled brush, lightly brush the powder in sparse areas.
3) Set the brows with the wax and angled brush on the brows.

The Result: 

Steps 1-3 shown vertically.

❤ Apply the product with the angled brush vertically.  It'll apply the product more evenly and prevent dark lines on the brow, which makes it really obvious and patchy.
❤ The wax sets the brows so you don't need to use a gel on it afterwards.
❤ Choose a powder that is lighter than your hair color, if you have dark brows. If you have light brows, choose a powder that is slightly darker than your hair color. 

I would not recommend this product, unless the ELF or NYX versions have not worked well for you.

I hope that helps guys!

<3 B. 

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