MAC Whirl Dupe | Jordana 'Rock N' Rose' Liner

Hey guys, so with the Kylie Jenner lip trend taking over, Mac's Whirl ($16) has really taken the spotlight. However, not only is the price tag really high, it is almost never in stock! Fortunately, I have found the perfect dupe, so if you are interested, then please keep reading!

The Jordana lip liner in 'Rose N' Rose' is nearly identical in both color and texture. While I think Mac lip liners are really nice and the apply smoothly and pigmented, they are in no way 'creamy'. I would describe the Urban Decay or the Colourpop liners as creamy. The Jordana lip liner is the exact same texture. Maybe that is why both products are so long lasting. Jordana is sold at Walgreens and on their website for $1.99. As a bonus, the Jordana liners are retractable and don't need to be sharpened like the MAC pencils. I highly recommend checking out Jordana liners before shelling out $16 for a MAC liner.

 Top: Jordana Rock N' Rose; Bottom: MAC Whirl

[In Sunlight] L: Jordana Rock N' Rose; R: MAC Whirl

Let me know what you guys are loving in the new year!

♡ Bianca

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