Essential Brushes (Mostly Drugstore)

Hey guys! I am gonna show you my essential brushes. Luckily most are drugstore brushes and the non-drugstore brushes can be duped with drugstore versions!

1) The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (~$8): This brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation, liquid concealer, and cream blushes or highlights. I use it to blend in my concealer under my eyes. For that area, you can just dab it on top of the product and it'll blend it in nicely.  It doesn't tug or pull on that area. It also blends in liquid foundation well and has a really nice shape so it can move easily around the face.

2) The Real Techniques Blush Brush (~$10): This brush is really nice and fluffy and can be used to apply bronzer, blush, highlight or setting powder. I use it for blush and it applies the product moderately, so it can be built up nicely. It is also really soft!

3) The Real Techniques Contour Brush (~$18): The reason why this is "$18" is because it only comes in a kit, with three other brushes. I would say the whole kit is very nice, but the contour brush is the only one I use on the regular. It has a dome shaped brush which is perfect for getting into the hollows of the cheek.

4) The MAC 217 Brush (~$23): Most days, this is the only brush that I use for my eyes. The flat side can be used to apply shadow to the lid, while the sides of the brush can be used to blend out the shadow, or apply shadow to the crease, outer V, browbone and inner corner. Of course if you want to use it for all of those things, you need to spot clean!
DUPE ALERT: The Real Techniques base shadow brush. I believe it comes alone, but I got it in the kit with 4 other brushes for ~$18 and I think it is a great buy. 5 brushes for the price less than 1 MAC brush.

5) The Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush (~$7): This is great for blending out shadows as well as putting them in the crease. They have a lot of affordable brush kits as well. The quality is great and it hardly sheds!

6) The Sigma Small Angle E65 Brush (~$10): This is great for applying gel liner, applying shadow as liner, filling in your brows or setting your liner.
DUPE ALERT: ELF has the same type of brush for $3, which works just as well.

7) The Sigma Pencil E30 Brush (~$10): This is an awesome brush for blending out shadow on the upper and lower lash lines. It also can apply shadow for the outer V, depending on the eye shape and size.

8) The Coastal Scents Brow Comb (~$4): The metal end combs through lashes well, so remove clumps, while the brush end can comb through the brows. I only use the lash end.

9) The ELF Kabuki Brush (~$6): This brush is great for buffing in powder. In the summer, I just wear concealer and powder, so this brush is perfect! It sheds very little!

Well guys, I hope that helped! Most of these brushes are affordable, and obviously I would not purchase them all at once. I certainly didn't. It is nice to know that drugstore brushes can be sufficient! :)
I hope everyone is having a great summer and let me know what your essential brushes are.

<3 B.

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