Nivea Lip Butter Review!

Hey all,

So winter is coming to a close, but my chapped lips just aren't letting up at all. I used my LUSH sugar lip scrub with EOS lip balms and also the nivea chap stick for most of the winter time. I felt like EOS wasn't doing much for my lips even though I so badly wanted them too. The egg shape is just too cute. The milk and honey nivea chap stick was better, but still not great.  Just yesterday, I went to target and picked up two nivea lip butter because I had been hearing so many good things about them. I got the one in smooth kiss and raspberry rose kiss.

I have only tried the smooth kiss, and I was so excited by how amazing the product was that I just had to write a review right away. Literally, after ONE application, my lips felt so much softer and less chapped. I know for a lot of lip balms, your lips feel smooth temporarily, and after a few hours you'd need to reapply. With this lip butter, you need only apply once before bed, and you are all set for the next day! There is no real scent to this product, and no taste either. This product retails at Target for about $3.50, and you definitely get a good deal of product for your money. After lent, I'm definitely going to go and buy the other two lip butters.



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